Founded in 1991 by Tommy Guerrero and Jim Thiebaud, Real Skateboards is distributed by Deluxe. Real decks are always available at Boarderline skateshop and with good reason. Skate one today to find out.

Ishod Wair always pops up on every skaters favourite skaters list. He skates it all and skates all day long everyday, a true skate rat. He has been switching people on to TWIN shape skateboard decks with the same size nose and tail. You can skate your board anyway you want which can help minimize razor tail or keep your flip tricks always on point. 

Real skateboard just released a new Kyle Walker pro video part called "ruby" which once again shows us what skateboarding is all about. Tricks speak louder than words and Kyle shut us all up with banger after banger. 

$10 flat rate shipping in Canada

Real skateboards is distributed in Canada by Supra Distribution in Vancouver, BC.