Boarderline is proud to carry Chocolate skateboards in Lethbridge, Alberta. Chocolate became what it is today from their impressive line up of team riders when they were founded including Keenan Milton, Chico Brenes, Richard Mulder and others. They have sponsored riders like Marc Johnson, Jerry Hsu, Kenny Anderson, and Chris Roberts. The legends, videos, and content they have produced are timeless.  

Chocolate Skateboards - Las Nueve Vidas De Paco was my first skateboard video that I bought on VHS. It featured riders like Daniel Castillo, Mike York, Keenan Milton and Paulo Diaz and many more. How can you watch that movie and not grow up to love skateboarding. Hyped to call this one my first skate video even with all the extra scenes in between parts. 

Chocolate skate decks are distributed by Supra Distribution in Vancouver, BC. 

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