About us

Boarderline has been a long time fixture in the skate and snowboard scene in Lethbridge. Started in 1989 in its original location on 7th Street South, it quickly established its roots in Lethbridge. A move to 2nd Avenue North, then to a longer stay on 13th Street North, and another move to 814 4th Avenue South, where it stood strong for around 15 years. In May of 2012 it moved to 619 4th Avenue South – within meters of its original location from 1989. 


Boarderline is a community based shop that strives on building the skate and snowboard scene in Southern Alberta. Gathering people together to learn new tricks, share stories, and build friendships all through riding a board. 

We support our community in sponsoring local events, fundraisers, and skateboarders. We host events to push the level of riding in Southern Alberta and create new riders by hosting a summer skateboard camp for new riders.