Glassy "Sunhaters" was founded by two brothers "Vince and Mikemo Capaldi" in 2011, with the idea of starting a price point sunglass brand. The entire operation of Glassy was born out of their house with only two sunglass styles and a small online store. The brand quickly became recognized in the skateboarding industry by sponsoring some of the top professional skateboarders, which helped expand the brand into thousands of retail locations around the world. 

Some people always wonder what happened to Mike Mo Capaldi after his ground breaking part in Lakai Fully Flared. Did he join the Mafia? He unfortunately severely broke his leg in a gold cart accident. He tried his best to make a come back after two years of rehab but those tres never felt the same for poor Mike. We understand his frustrations and glad he is still in the game with some cost friendly shades. 

Glassy Sunglasses is distributed in Canada by Mehrathon Trading in Montreal, Quebec.