Founded by Mike Carroll and Rick Howard in 1999 Lakai skateboard shoes have hosted some of the best team riders in the world and produced one of the top skateboard films of all time "Fully Flared" - Team riders include Riley Hawk, Stevie Perez, Tony Hawk, and Canadian Pro rider Rick McCrank.

When the Lakai team first toured in Canada it was epic to witness Marc Johnson and Danny Garcia at an Ottawa Skate Demo. Not knowing their legendary status at the time it was easy to see that their skill level was beyond comprehension. Just a couple young kids waiting in line to get the good skaters autographs. It's easy to get hooked into skating when growing up watching the lakai skate shoes team in person. 

Top 3 selling Lakai shoes

  1. Lakai Riley 3 skate shoe
  2. Lakai Flaco Mid skate shoe
  3. Lakai Atlantic skate shoe

Lakai shoes is distributed in Canada by Supra Distribution in Vancouver, Canada