Santa Cruz and their "Screaming Hand" logo was designed by Jim Phillips Sr in 1985. Re-issue old school decks are still being made like the pro model for Rob Roskopp. Apparel, Accessories, and the classics Santa Cruz decks are found here at Boarderline in Lethbridge, Alberta.  

Santa Cruz Longboards are on the shelves ready for you to start cruising around town. Sometimes pushing around on your skateboard on the rough pavement in Lethbridge is pretty discouraging. Longer Boards with big soft wheels help you get used to going fast on your board and help you with a strong push. When the time is right we can move you down to a cruiser board to start ollieing those sewers and curbs in the streets. 

Santa Cruz is distributed in Canada by Centre Distribution in Vancouver, BC. 

$10 flat rate shipping in Canada.