Bones skateboard wheels come in all shapes and sizes. Boarderline offers STF, SPF, ATF, and their new wheel formula Easy streets. Guaranteed no flat spots and the top choice for a smoother/faster ride. 

Bones STF "Street tech Formula" is great for those powerful riders in the streets that can grip when you want the to and slide when you need them too. No flat spotting and they wear really well making sure they last longer than all your other skate wheels

Bones SPF "Skate Park Formula" grips better on slick surfaces and lasts longer than any other skateboard wheel on the market. Grip em and slide em as you see fit. These wheels roll faster and get the job done when skating any skateboard park. 

Boarderline offers a flat rate shipping charge of $15 or free shipping over $150 - $25 flat rate to USA - (snowboards, boots, & bindings $40 flat rate)