Lib Technologies manufactures their snowboards in America. They also produce GNU, Roxy, and Bent metal bindings. Using all environmentally friendly products and recycling all the excess waste. Being innovative is what Lib Tech is known for and their hybrid snowboards along with their Magne Traction makes riding Castle Mountain Resort in Alberta or Fernie Resort in BC a breeze. Come grab a Lib Tech snowboard from Boarderline Snowboard shop

$10 Flat rate shipping in Canada

We have been selling Libtech Snowboard for 15 plus years and its always our number one snowboard brand. This year they just released the Orca split board ! We tested out the Orca split board last year and was amazed on every aspect. Touring up with the Orca Split is a lot easier due to getting general a smaller size than any other spilt board. I have the 156 and made the split up easy due to less weight and also the switchback turns way more elegant due to the directional shape of the split board. 

Riding the Directional shape made floating in the powder a breeze and was still able to make those tight fast turns in the trees. 

Top 3 selling Libtech snowboards

  1. Libtech Travis Rice snowboard

  2. Libtech Orca snowboard

  3. Libtech E-Jack Snowboard

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